Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CSA: Week Two


Week two had a lot of green: cabbage, sugar snap peas, snow peas, leaf lettuce, and cherry tomatoes.

How this week's produce was used: 

Cabbage: Slow cooker cabbage rolls.  I did brown the pork first for better flavor.

Leaf lettuce: Side salads again.

Sugar snap peas: Eaten raw.  

Tomatoes: Another recipe from Suvir Saran, this time from Masala Farm: Pasta with popped tomatoes. The butcher was out of slab bacon so I subbed hard salami.Through a little couponing I was able to get a packet of fresh pasta for 60 cents, and that really made the meal.

Snow peas: They were a little hard for my toddler to manage whole last week. This week, I plan to blanch them and serve with home made hummus.

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